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Shakti Industrial Tools & Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


  • Sales & Service of Tools & Equipment
    Shakti Industrial Tools & Technologies Private Limited is into the sales business for more than two decades. We are the trusted name in the sales of Hand Tools, Power Tools, Cutting Tools, Garage Tools & Equipment, Measuring Instruments, Tools Storage, Garden Tools, Welding Tools & Equipment,

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    Sales & Service of Tools & Equipment

  • Turnkey Automotive Workshops
    Shakti Industrial Tools & Technologies Private Limited undertake the development of Automotive Workshops as a Turnkey project. Entrust us with your requirements and we will deliver you the workshop within the stipulated time limits. Our experts will guide you through various proposals so that you

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    Turnkey Automotive Workshops

  • Technical Labs (Academic & Industrial)
    With the expertise of more than two decades Shakti Industrial Tools & Technologies have all the facilities to support educational and industrial institutions to set up various laboratories for their need. Our dedicated team of experts will make the setting up of a laboratory a cakewalk for

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    Technical Labs (Academic & Industrial)

  • Engineering Services
    We in a new niche structure is a premier engineering consulting service provider, backed by dynamic leadership of experts who have been in the engineering consulting sector for decades. We are all capable of executing any projects pertaining to Design & Analysis domains of various engineering

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    Engineering Services

  • Solar Power Plants

    In this modern era where our fossil fuels are getting depleted, we have to depend on an efficient power generation system. With that in mind we have already stepped into the Solar Panelling, which is the FUTURE of energy generation.

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    Solar Power Plants

  • Agricultural Automation
    The way in which we have done various works have changed and are constantly in a transition phase with the advent of technology. The latest technologies are based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and it is getting reflected in agricultural field also. Shakti Industrial Tools & Technologies is taking

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    Agricultural Automation

  • Agro-Innovation Labs & Parks
    With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the agricultural field is changing drastically and for the development of better yields various Agro-Innovation Labs & Parks have been started across the country. Shakti Industrial Tools & Technologies is ready to embrace the fast changes and we will

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    Agro-Innovation Labs & Parks

  • Rapid Waste Management Services
    iX-Green is an innovative new-age product developed with the technical support of College of Agriculture, Vellayani which converts the food wastes into usable compost within 8 hrs. iX-Green is completely eco-friendly & does not pollute the environment. The equipment is compatible with solar panel

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    Rapid Waste Management Services

  • Educational Tourism

    Enhance technical competency through natural resources and empower the experience in different cultures and formats.

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    Educational Tourism